Our Worship  Life

At St. Patrick we celebrate four weekend liturgies as the norm during the school year.  We hold Advent and Lent communal prayer services as well as weekday Masses, First Friday Mass with Adoration, First Saturday Mass followed by rosary and confessions, holy day and holiday masses.

A  liturgical service takes on a nobler aspect when the rites are celebrated with singing, the sacred ministers take their parts in them, and the faithful actively participate. (Sacrosanctum Concilium, 30)

Liturgical Ministers at St. Patrick are all baptized Catholics in good standing with the church.   Some responsibilities, not all, require that the person be confirmed.   For example, a Communion Minister must be confirmed; a Server and a Lector, need not be.  Liturgical Ministers are scheduled for all weekend and special liturgies throughout the liturgical year.  Training is provided, and updates help grow the understanding of the ministry's role and expectations.  To see a list of the Liturgical Minister roles, go to Ministries.